Urgent Need for CCI Students in Haiti

Hatian Audio BiblePlease help many Haitians hear the Bible so they can gain a better understanding and be saved and trained how to explain the Bible to others. We thank you for making a gift of at least $30 or more to send these Audio Bibles to Haitians.

  • Crossing Cultures International currently provides comprehensive training to pastors and church leaders using native Haitian trainers through a 520 hour curriculum of training during a three-to-four year discipleship process. 
  • Most of the 580 students currently in training are either already serving, or have experienced the call of God to serve, in ministry as pastors, church planters, or in cross cultural ministries.
  • Literacy in Haiti is currently at 53%.  This is one of lowest literacy rates in the world and the lowest in the Western Hemisphere.  Functional literacy is significantly less and may be a low as 15%.
  • Among CCI students, literacy is higher than the general population. However, many still have difficulty reading and understanding the Bible in their own language.
  • CCI, in partnership with Faith Evangelical Bible Church and Trans World Radio in Canada, is working to provide 300 solar powered Audio Bibles with Creole and French Languages to CCI students who have difficulty reading.
  • The Galcom™ Audio Bible units are rugged, water resistant, and solar powered.   Units are preloaded with the Creole and French language Bibles, and are preprogrammed to pick up local Christian radio on AM/FM and Shortwave.
  • The cost to procure, program and ship each Audio Bibles to Haiti is $30.  Each unit will be distributed by their trainer to a student who is struggles to read.

How many students will you help?

YOU CAN HELP – Each donation of $30 will provide another student the opportunity to hear, understand, and teach the Bible to others.  I urge you to consider supporting CCI’s work in preparing God’s people to minister for His kingdom.

To donate an Audio Bible, please click HERE
In the PURPOSE box, select RESOURCES and put AUDIO BIBLES in the next box.

Or send your donation to:

Crossing Cultures International
Haitian Audio Bible Project
235 W. Brandon Blvd, 610
Brandon, Fl 33511

Faith Cometh by Hearing

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Romans 10:17


Of the 4000 pastors in Cambodia, most have had no formal pastoral or ministry training. This is multiplied across most of the countries where CCI works. CCI provides Teacher Training Workshops to help meet this need.  It cost $250 to facilitate a Teacher Training Workshop for 10 pastors to attend. This is a two-day event equipping the pastors with knowledge and skills to do Inductive Bible Study, lesson and sermon preparation, preaching and teaching skills, and how to use the BTCP curriculum to train ministry leaders in the churches in their area. Ongoing training is provided by CCI staff in each country. To help provide this valuable training, you can give a gift to TRAINING. Click  HERE .


Most pastors where CCI is working have not received any form of training in the Bible and practical ministry. Most have no resources to help them perform their ministry. CCI provides pastors with resource materials to help them effective study so they are well prepared to train their people. The Pastor’s Library gives them a Bible in their language, the BTCP curriculum and other training materials. Each set of the Pastor’s Library cost $100.00. How many Pastor’s would you like to provide the Pastor’s Library for? Click HERE to make your investment in helping pastors who have had little or no formal training.